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The Best Times to Aerate
The best time to aerate varies by reg ion but generally the best time for Colorado is in the Spring and Fall seasons away from the summer heat. Lawn experts recommend aerating once per year for best long-term results, especially in high-traffic areas (ie. if you have dogs and children). Lawns that are aerated on a regular basis consistently produce better plugs.
For optimal results the lawn should be watered for an hour prior to aerating, especially if the soil is hard or has a high clay content. If the ground is too soft, or too dry, it may not be the best time to aerate.

The Benefits of Aeration

Too much thatch can choke your lawn. Aerating promotes rooting and improves problematic soil by allowing air into the soil. An Aerator does this job mechanically without destroying the turf.

Core benefits are:

1) Loosens hard compacted soil. Soils that are mountainous, rocky, or clay, benefit the most as it improves air exchange in the soil.
2) Encourages healthy root growth. Improved development by allowing air, water, and nutrients direct access to the root system. Hopefully as root growth occurs this is a sustainable advantage – as the turf thickens this will soften the soil.
3) Core holes increase fertilizer penetration. The holes from coring allow fertilizer and soil amendments to enter the soil quickly and easily.
4) Resistance to drought is improved. As roots grow deeper, grass roots will access moisture at a deeper level. As a result, grass may need to be watered less often. This saves you money and keeps your lawn green simultaneously.
5) Water absorption is improved. Less runoff means more efficient use of irrigation water and reduced water bills.
6) Thatch gets reduced / breaks down: Oxygen is vital to breaking down the thatch. Allowing your lawn to breathe more as the benefit of aeration also decomposes the thatch in your lawn at a faster rate. Additionally, bringing soil (plugs) to the surface introduces organic material to the thatch area which also helps in this breakdown
7) Air and nutrients are allowed direct access to feed the root system which will enhance the growth of the root base and increase its depth. A stronger, deeper root system makes the lawn more heat and drought tolerant.
8) Helps struggling new lawns. Core aeration is especially recommended for new lawns or lawns that are really struggling. This would also be a good time to reseed your
Best of Luck! I hope this answers your question on why to aerate.

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