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Professional and dependable! – Mary,  2/15/2012
It's hard to find a lawn care service where the owner is the one taking care of your property. I have appreciated that A Good Earth has taken good care of me over the years. It's obvious to me he cares about his clients, he has top-of-the-line equipment. Quite impressive. Highly recommend if you're looking for a professional job and not just the neighborhood kid.

Kevin is an amazing person to work with! –  Emily, 4/18/2011
He does exactly the things you'd want someone to do for your lawn. He looks at the condition of the grass and he gives you a call if he sees that it's getting too much or too little watering. When he mows, he varies the mowing pattern. He cleans up. Aeration clumps are swept off the driveway and sidewalks, and so are the grass clippings. If there's a huge rainstorm, he delays the mowing until the next day so we don't get huge ruts in our lawn. Our lawn has fewer dandelions under his care than under ours. ;-)

We had an income decrease a couple years ago and we stopped using his mowing service, and our lawn suffered. This year we are splurging to have him back, and we are very happy about it. FYI, he only does full-season work; he doesn't do vacation mowing or other temporary services. He is a one-man company.

Very satisfied... Detail oriented – Doug,  4/2010
Kevin has mowed my lawn weekly for the past two summers. For my yard size, I pay $35 per week. Plus, he applies organic fertilizer periodically and aerates my lawn each year.
I'm very satisfied. Kevin is very detail oriented and his mowing and edging work is excellent. Highly recommended.

Rates seem reasonable – Goodin,  4/2010
Kevin does our yard work - mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and aerating. So far this season he has aerated and mowed once. The $35 fee is the cost for one mowing, but our fee for the entire season was $1200. He can send a bill monthly or you can pay for the full season at once – we do the latter. I don't know if that sounds high or not, but it seems reasonable for our large yard – the 2nd largest on our street.